How many
broken hearts
Will it take
Till I find you?

How many
Never sent
Till we speak?

How many dreams
Must be
Till reality?

How much more
Of this ache
Will I feel?

Where lies
The soul
Of my soul
That completes me?

How can I know
That it’s mine
When it is?



I found you


And before I knew

Gave in.

You found me



Filled the void within.


If all the hurt before

Can guarantee

Your love

It was

But nothing more

Than a blessing



snow angels inside my soul

It’s hard to forget

The warmth a fire brings

On a cold, snowy night

That is how you were to me


Pure as fresh snowfall

Your soft, quiet, innocence

Left behind

An unforgettable trace

Imprinted like snow angels

Inside my soul.

Wherever the west wind takes you,

Oh seeker of truth,

I hope you feel the warmth

That I feel when

I remember you.


Emotionally spent


I lost myself along the path

Where I was paraded before many

And loved by none.

I gave myself

Then forgave myself

But with each dream I dreamed

I surrendered a piece of my soul.


My heart turned to stone

Consumed by an anguish

Only a heart that ever loved

Would know.

Adventure of a Lifetime

Tell me where it hurts, my love

Where their words

Have left cuts and bruises

I cannot bear

The pain you bear

All the hurt trapped inside

You have never shared.



Innocent eyes conceal

A world of heartache

But I won’t make promises

To erase the pain

For I know it cannot be undone

Those cuts and bruises will remain.


With all of me, my love,

I promise you this,

I will build a new home for your heart

Brick by brick

With love, trust and happiness

The adventure of a lifetime will start.

A Home for my Heart

True to my name

Maybe I am meant to be forever free


And ever changing

With no home for my heart

A kiss from the clouds

Lasts but a fleeting moment

The warmth of the sun

Fades at twilight

And the comfort of the moon

Hides away at dawn

Love arrives

Love departs

Dreams we build

But broken hearts

Return at daybreak

Or nightfall

And I am left




Will there ever be a home for my heart?

The Entrepreneur’s Creed

Enslave yourself
And live someone else’s dreams
Look at her…
Look at him…
The family’s cream
They’ve got respect
A fat paycheck
Take my advice,
Don’t take risks
Just follow the crowd.

I was born to fly
So why should I crawl through life?
I will create my own destiny
I will fight this fight
I’ll pick myself up
After I get knocked down
I’ll take the blows and the punches
But I won’t follow the crowd
I have a fire inside
Can’t you see?
I was made for something
Much, much bigger than me
I want to discover
Bring my dreams to life
The sky isn’t the limit
When we’ve reached past the skies.

I will build
And break
And fall
Put in
Blood, sweat and tears
Give it my all
But I will not settle
No, I will not sleep
I will patiently persevere
And unleash the power of my dreams.



pmpkinI long to see the world.  As I creep along the earth, I wonder what it must feel like to stand tall, confidently hovering above everyone else.  I have been teased for being stout, for being thick skinned, for being spineless…but I take it all in quietly for I know the truth above all truths – that appearances are transient and these words will not matter when we are all returned to the earth.  Some say I am an abode of kernels of great wisdom, all I try to do is appreciate the world around me and life’s little pleasures.

But there is one being in our garden who never says a word…who stands in quiet confidence, enveloped in mystery.  I am mesmerized by its beauty, its timelessness, and its seeming humility despite having reached the heavens.  We come from different worlds, but I still feel a strange pull towards it and every day, I wish to see the world through the eyes of the pine tree.

I long for companionship.  For a friend.  For someone to share this unending journey with.  It is not easy being me.  Everyone thinks I have the answers, that I soar to great heights because of a hunger to see the world…but it couldn’t be further from the truth.  I wish I could crawl along the dirt and take in the earth’s fragrance after a rain shower.  Wither away each autumn and come alive again in the spring.  Aerial beings use me at their whim to rest awhile, but I am nothing more than a sturdy respite to them.  I have deep veins and roots, yet I feel completely hollow inside.

They say that when you want something with all your heart, the entire universe conspires in helping you achieve it.  Maybe that was the reason why I found myself growing closer to my dreams.  Until one day, the majestic pine stood right before me in all its might and grandeur.  With all my dreams and excitement squashed inside, I did what no one had ever dared to do before – I opined my inner desire to see the world.

It certainly was an odd request.  And I am going to be honest – I had my fears.  It was different, and a world where no member of my family had ventured before.  For eternity, we only rooted for our own kind and were taught to pity others as lowly earthlings.  We were the rulers of the earth, idolized for our strength, beauty and majesty.  Plus, would I be able to carry its weight?  Yes, I was known to be strong but all my life I only held needles and cones. But I couldn’t deny the strange pull I felt towards it.  Despite its trivial size and peculiar shape, it exuded a sense of inner peace…as if it knew the secret to happiness. Could this be the answer to my loneliness?  Defying the principles I had been raised with, I chose to explore this new world and conceded to what would turn into the friendship of a lifetime and a green revolution.

If there is heaven on earth, it is this…it is this.

It took several weeks but the wait was worth it.  The view from above was unlike anything I had imagined.  I could see my family in our little pumpkin patch, the cucumbers, the collard greens, the marigolds, the roses, the blue skies, the endless white clouds, the mountains…it was inspiring and humbling at the same time.  But even after seeing the world and conquering my dreams, what I fell in love with most was something I had never expected.  I fell in love with the companion and benefactor of my journey, rather than the coveted destination.  I had discovered a new bond, a friendship like no other.

We couldn’t have been more different.  I joked that we made a perfect ‘10’ together – it was tall and lean like a ‘1’, and I was short and stout like a ‘0’.  We felt a deep sense of kinship, unlike either of us had ever felt before with our own kind.

At first we wondered at the effortless depth of our relationship.  But over time, we realized the secret to our sense of bonding…after all we had taken birth from the same earth.


There are countless examples of camaraderie, of friendship and ‘live and let live’ all around us.  Of a world were meat-eaters and non-meat eaters, of wine-lovers and sobriety-dwellers, of pine trees and pumpkins living together in peace, and helping each other achieve great heights.  If God had wished to, he could have placed all of the different species on an independent planet of their own.  But He did not…  Perhaps it has been so that we may dwell on our inherent oneness and learn from one another.

“O mankind! We have created you all out of a male and a female, and have made you into nations and tribes, so that you might come to know one another.”

(Qur’an 49:13; Surah or Chapter ‘The Rooms’)


A writer, a dreamer and a seeker, the author is the founder of The Interfaith Text Study at the University of North Florida, USA. 

And I Kneel

I kneel

And kneel again

In awe of Your

Incessant bounty

You created all languages

Yet, there are no words to describe

Your graciousness

Your mercy

And how grateful even a sinner

Can be.

In the beauty of humbling silence

Lit by Your eternal power

My heart lies overwhelmed

And all I can do

Is kneel

And kneel again.

SubhanAllah! (Praise the Lord!)

The Hunger Games

I see The Hunger Games

All around me

In the smoke and mirrors

In the pink apathy

In the voice of

Reason suppressed

For momentary bliss

When thousands gather

For mere minutes of artificial awe

To a place clouded by

The search for pleasure

By the desire to satisfy the self

When, dear brother,

You lie all alone

A mere block away

In the darkness, hidden away,

From the red, white and blue lights

Of The Hunger Games.


May the odds be ever in your favor, dear sister,

I pray the smoke, mirrors and apathy


To a world where reason prevails. 


Who is that girl who bows down

And kneels in seeming awe?

To the world embodies piety

But is disconnected, and feels raw?

Entrapped in daily rituals

Up, down and in between

Does she truly follow all she says

Does she believe in the unseen?

I want to fall in love with You

Feel You in every prayer

But these rituals disconnect me

From feeling that You’re there

Bring me back, O most merciful!

For I am a blind lamb that strays

I want to live, breathe and be with You

And sincerely sing your praise!

©SBég Poetry

As I peel

As I peel

From my congenital covers

I fall deeper into you

I undress myself

Of my past life

And am reborn

Into a world

Where I am perfection

A world

Where even my flaws

Are fragrant

And my words coveted

Where I can be me…

And still be loved…

As I peel,

I am reborn in the shade of your love

Born a red rose…

…But in your eyes

I have no thorn…

Only the eyes of Majnoon can see

Layla’s beauty.

© SBég Poetry

Life Crumbles

Life Crumbles
All around me
Congenital bonds of love
And shatter
At a pace
Too fast to absorb
Constantly reminding
Of the impermanence
Of everything,
Of everyone
But You.

If I should ever love
Pray You are the origin
May You be the end.

© SBég Poetry


A tender heart
Melts the stone that
Mine has become
Breaks it away
From the hate
That’s made a home
Inside of me.

Small kindnesses
Breathe life
Into my barren soul
And chocolate eyes
Take me
Places I thought
I no longer belonged.

Stay a little longer, will you?
Remind this heart
How to beat again.

Blank Space

I had wanted
To grow old with you
But in a world of half truths
Even the purest of loves
Was seen as a lie.

Amidst the battles
Of the heart and mind
I, for one,
Have lost my soul.

How will I ever know love?

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